Dentist Antalya

Dentist in Antalya, Turkey:

Combine your holiday with correcting your teeth in the best clinic of Antalya!

Dentist surgeon L Avadan with assistents.

Clinic in Antalya

2 settles the date and we will pick you up from the hotel. Picking up and dropping of at the hotel is free, provided that you are near Antalya for example Lara, Kremer or Kundu. There are very good hotels at these locations.

The price of the treatments is easy to calculate by making use of the pricelist below.

The clinic in Antalya offers good warranties.


Pricelist 2017
Crown metal porcelain (5 days) 125 euro
Crown zirconium (10 days) 250 euro
Crown gold (10 days) 200 euro
Composite facing 100 euro
Porcelain facing 250 euro
White fillings from 50 euro to 75 euro
Root canal treatment from 100 euro to 150 euro
Removing scale 75 euro
Laser dental cleaning and whitening bleaching 200 euro
Click prosthesis with 2 clicks 600 euro
Click prosthesis with 4 clicks 600 euro (excl implants)
Implant brand Dentsly (5 days) 600 euro
Implant brand Bego semados (5 days) 600 euro
Implant brand Stroman iti (5 days) 700 euro
Building crown implant 150 euro
Sinus lift closed + implant (5 days) 1000 euro
sinus lift treatment + implant 1200 euro
Periodontal treatment (Gum treatment) 1000 euro
Smile safe 2 areas 250 euro
Bone powder 2 gram 150 euro
Membrane powder 2 gram 100 euro
Apex resection from 150 euro to 250 euro

Free service

  • Temporary prosthesis 0 euro
  • X-ray at a treatment 0 euro
  • Anesthesia 0 euro
  • Picking up and dropping of at the hotel 0 euro( provided that you are within approximately 50 km).
  • Making an appointment is done as follows: We will need a global indication of what you want to do with your teeth, your name, your mobile number which we can reach when you are in Antalya, the pickup date and the name and address of the hotel where you are staying.
  • We will settle the appointment and we will give you the time and date when you are going to be picked up from your hotel. This is mostly at the entrance and/or doorman.




Contact info or making an appointment in the Netherlands or Belgium, mail (in Dutch) or call or text to tel 0031611335010.

Contact, info or making an appointment directly with the clinic in Antalya in English, mail

Contact, info or making an appointment directly with the clinic in Antalya in German, mail



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